Overview of Orthodontics for Kids with different biting patterns

Orthodontics is a dentistry specialty that deals with the study and treatment of teeth problems. In particular, it addresses improper bites that can be caused by such factors as irregularities in one’s teeth and disproportionate jaw. In treating, an orthodontist usually aims at either displacing the dental formula or modifying teeth growth pattern. Apart from medical treatment, orthodontics can also be undertaken as a cosmetic treatment for the purpose of one having improved teeth appearance.

Orthodontics for kids

The fact that the number of kids developing teeth problems early in their lives is on the rise has made orthodontics for kids necessary. It is now very common to find babies wearing child braces. This is for the purpose of managing growth of jaw and proper positioning of teeth. By positioning a baby’s teeth, the same give room to adult teeth when the time finally comes. This may either shorten or eliminate the need to use adult teeth braces when a baby attains adulthood.

Generally however, orthodontics for kids is usually employed for the purpose of addressing unusual biting patterns noted. There are several different biting patterns that can easily be addressed. There are those kids who develop teeth that cross bite, which presents the risk of premature teeth wear, gum disease, unusual chewing pattern and disjointed jaws. In this case, cross biting teeth are moved with the use of braces.

There are those kids who form the habit of either thrusting their tongue sucking their fingers. This easily leads to open bite, which is characterized by shortened vertical overlapping of teeth. The use of braces is required to modify jaw growth. The problem is at times corrected through surgery.

A teeth problem where the front upper teeth protrude over the front lower teeth is very common. This is what is referred to as overbite teeth and causes such problems as improper function of both the lower and upper front teeth and unusual/fast wear of lower front teeth. This calls for the use of braces to properly align the teeth. Other kid teeth biting problems addressed by use of braces include over jet, under and impacted biting. Braces are also used in addressing overcrowded and spacious teeth.

When To Do Orthodontic Treatment For Kids?

Timing is usually very critical in determining overall success of orthodontic treatment offered to kids. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids need to be evaluated for any teeth problems by the age 7 years. This provides orthodontists with the opportunity to address any teeth problems identified in good time for effective treatment.

Just like in other countries where the training of orthodontists follows a laid down system, the USA has its own training system. Enrollment into the training requires one to have advanced education qualifications and graduated in a relevant field of study. A student qualifying as orthodontists after the requisite training must also be approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and be certified by the Board of Orthodontists before he/she can practice. This lengthy process and approvals is meant to ensure that all orthodontists in practice offer the highest standard of orthodontics treatment possible.


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